Art Tattler

Publisher and Webmaster                 Mike Miller
Editor                                                    Hallie Smith
Associate Editor                           Blair Schulman


Art Tattler is a journalistic-style reiterative web-based intervention of the organizational and curatorial aspects of exhibitions around the world.

Art Tattler publishes a comprehensive directory of extended form exhibition listings from around the world, organized geographically and archived in the categories of general, architecture and design.

Art Tattler includes a comment department where one can find solicited and unsolicited, signed criticism, reviews, opinion, and essays.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms are accepted as offered with the intent of being helpful and should be directed to

Walter Michael Miller,
Publisher and Webmaster,
Art Tattler


Publisher and Webmaster of Cupcakes in Regalia is Mike Miller, founder and publisher emeritus of Review and for eight years its active editor and publisher and for five years Publisher and Webmaster of Art Tattler.

Review was a journalistic-style intervention of the organizational and curatorial aspects of exhibitions in the Kansas City, Missouri region.

Review took the form of a visual art magazine and visual art community initiative and was responsible for establishing a studio program (Review Studios) for mid-career artists in 2005. Review, Incorporated received a $30,000 Warhol foundation grant in 2007, as well as numerous other grants under the aegis of Miller.

In 2005, with the donation of a 50,000 square foot building from real estate developer Brad Nicholson, Miller and Colby Smith founded Review Studios, offering studio space to a dozen mid-career artists and a 5000 square foot exhibition space.

Miller has worked in publishing for 37 years:

• August 2011-Present, Publisher and Webmaster of Cupcakes in Regalia,
• 2006-Present, Publisher and Webmaster, Art Tattler,
• 1998-2006 Founder, Publisher, Editor, Review, 1998-2006, Kansas City, Missouri.
• 1992-1998 Sales and marketing executive, The Pitch (an alternative weekly) in Kansas City from 1992-1998, Weekly publication billings increased from $8000 to $80,000 on his watch.
• 1985-1990 Editor and publisher of New Buffalo Times in New Buffalo, Michigan, 1986-1991.
• 1979-1985 Advertising account executive, Los Angeles Reader from 1980-1985.
• 1976-1978 Editor and surrogate publisher, Southfield Eccentric, Southfield, Michigan, 1976-1978.
• 1974-1976 Editorial Director, Leader Publications, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, 1974-1976.