Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Dual, 2006-2007, birch ply, woven fabric, background,, Wallpaper, 2006, edited by Wallpaper, Courtesy the artist, Cabinet, London and La Synagogue de Delme.

Marc Camille Chaimowicz: In the Beloved Company of Others

Marc Camille Chaimowicz, installation view, Secession, Vienna, 2009.


de Appel
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
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...In The Cherished Company
of Others...

Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Curated by Alexis Vaillant
July 5-September 7, 2008

For the exhibition "... In The Cherished Company of Others...", about 50 works by Marc Camille Chaimowicz will be on show. With the complicity of the curator Alexis Vaillant, moderator of the dialogue by which the exhibition took shape, it has been decided to combine Chaimowicz's works (including drawings, decorative and functional objects, wallpapers, maquettes, sculptures, paintings, and a revisited installation) with notably numerous architectural models, bookplates, diplayed along side a compact "shocking" by Schiaparelli and artworks by other international artists whom Chaimowicz's feels empathy with. Conceived in the spirit of a playful inquiry and "flânerie" — characteristic of the perception of Chaimowicz's indiosyncratic dandysm, this "collective retrospective" highlights the idea that an artistic production can be inhabit on the same level as its mental "backdrop." The links that follow from visual and conceptual connections produced are opposite to the obituary nature of regular retrospectives which focuse on the most representative works of an artist.

List of guests include: Anonymous, Atelier, Richard Artschwager, Nairy Baghramian, Joseph Beuys, Tom Burr, James Lee Byars, Enrico David, Emile Guy, Michael Krebber, Jason Meadows, Clémence Meunier, Jozef Peeters, Loïc Raguénès, Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, Schiaparelli, Lilly van der Stokker, Amikam Toren, and Featuring Jean Cocteau (2003-2008)
The exhibition is a co-production with PMMK, Oostende (Belgium) where it will be shown in a mutated form as from September 27 till December 15, 2008.

An anthology of writings by the artist is co-published by Sternberg Press-Berlin, Les presses du réel-Dijon, de Appel & PMMK, 2008. Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Forever What? (1972-2008), Alexis Vaillant (ed.). Book available as of September 26, 2008. See

Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Featuring Enough Tyranny Recalled, (installation image in Galerie Giti Nourbakhsh, Berlin), 2007, mixed media, Courtesy of the artist, Cabinet, London and Galerie Giti Nourbakhsh, Berlin.