Kors van Bennekom, Gees Linnebank and John Kraaykamp sr. in a scene from Arturo Ui by Brecht at the Publiekstheater © Kors van Bennekom, Amsterdam 1983.

Kors van Bennekom Chronicles Family and the Lives of Workers

Kors van Bennekom, Fishmonger Ome Ko turns 77 years © Kors van Bennekom, Lindegracht Amsterdam 1956.

Kors van Bennekom 1961.

Kors van Bennekom, Ine, Josephine and Janine, Texel © Kors van Bennekom, June 1962.


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Kors van Bennekom – Kors’s Choice
July 11-September 4, 2008

Kors van Bennkom – Kors's Choice celebrates the 75th birthday of Amsterdam photographer Kor van Bennekom (b. 1933).

It was in 1956, at the height of the Cold War, that Kors van Bennekom began working as a photographer for the communist newspaper De Waarheid, where he remained until 1965. His photos provide a magnificent record of ordinary, hard-working people in a city rebuilding after the war, racked by poverty and unrest. In 1966 Van Bennekom helped found Uitkrant voor Amsterdammers, a magazine of listings and articles about culture in the capital. Van Bennekom brought street photography into the theatre, portraying Dutch and international actors, musicians, ballet dancers and cabaret artists in a bold and vibrant style. At the same time, Van Bennekom also photographed his family. These photos tell the simple, unadorned story of a home life in which his wife Ine, his children, grandchildren and he himself are the main characters. Kor van Bennekom is a combination of street photographer, theatre photographer and family photographer, whose remarkable oeuvre reflects the history of the Netherlands in the second half of the twentieth century. This show, featuring many unique photos, is opened by Job Cohen, mayor of Amsterdam.

Kors van Bennekom’s archive contains around 700,000 negatives and many unique ‘vintage’ prints. VSB Fund, VandenEnde Foundation and Stichting Democratie en Media are currently supporting the selection and digitalisation of 13,500 items from this collection. The archive will then be transferred to the Netherlands Photo Museum in Rotterdam.

Foam has compiled a selection of pictures from this huge collection for the current exhibition, which also features new prints of work never previously exhibited. In addition, the show also includes posters, books and documents from Kor van Bennekom’s eventful life in photography.

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the 75th birthday of the photographer whose oeuvre, compiled over many decades, provides a unique picture of Amsterdam and its people.

Stichtung Kors van Bennekom

Kors van Bennekom, Jasperina Show.1970, Teksten Guus Vleugel muziek Joop Stokkermans regie Eric Herfst Jasperina de Jong in Sybille de laatste stripteasedanseres

Kors van Bennekom, Josephine, Joris, Janine, Ine and Kors van Bennekom © Kors van Bennekom, Southern England 1969.